Monday, August 3, 2009

Simple, at home-haircutting that MAY work for most boys and is guaranteed to save you money unless you have to have a barber fix your mess.

Grab a wiggly, smiling boy who isn't afraid of sharp scissors. Wrap him in a fluffy towel and kiss his chubby cheek.

Damp hair is way easier to cut than dry. I usually begin with the sideburn section, closest to the face, but I failed to get pictures when I did that section. Basically, I hold my fingers as close as I can to his little noggin and cut at an upward angle, working at the hair by his temple and making my way towards the back of his head until just behind his ear. You can see how I hold my hands by looking at this picture. Next, I do the back lower section of his hair. I don't hold my fingers against his head, though and that makes the cut a little longer. Notice the angle at which I'm cutting, trying to get the hair closest to his neck shorter than the top hair. I cut right up against my fingers.

After working in sections on the back of his head, I go over it a 2nd and 3rd time to make sure I got it all. Then the top! Working from front to back, I cut it in the same fashion, but with no angle. Thusly.

More pictures of cutting the back. Before the cut...

...after the cut!

Then, the bangs. (prepare for tears because of gravity defying hair making it's way up the nose)

Cut. (Do NOT attempt to kiss away the tears, or you will be spitting the rest of the day)

Go over whole head to make sure you didn't miss anything, like I did, here.


Use the cool, buzzy thingy from hubby's section of the bathroom to zap a straight line at the nape and sideburns.

Comb. Assess. Kiss adorable face unless you can resist. I can't.

Bathe away the mess, dry hair and admire!

One down, three more to go!