Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Monday!

I ended up having today off work and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I usually work from 2pm-11pm on Mondays, and it always feels like a bad way to start the week of homeschooling.  Not today!  Today was relaxing and fun!  And I have a photo to prove it! 

Happy President's Day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


...Gary!  (What ELSE do you name a snail, but Gary?)

Doesn't God make the perfect things to occupy little boy's time?

....snips and snails and puppy dogs tails....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Activity Bags

Campmeeting is just around the corner and I found just the thing to encourage quiet sitting.  Although generally I have found the less we take to church with us, the quieter my younger boys are, I will make exceptions for campmeeting services because they tend to run muuuuch longer.  It's hard for ME to sit still sometimes.  ;-)  When I saw this pattern for activity bags, complete with crayon pockets, 
I just had to make them.  

This pattern is free from Moda Bake Shop
I didn't order the fabric they used mainly because I have never ordered fabric online before.  (Stupid reason, huh?)  I think I will definitely order soon, though, because I paid a whole lot more by shopping at my nearby JoAnn's.  The choices weren't as adorable, either. 

Pretty much, the choices were puppies, or puppies.  We went with puppies.  
 The outside has a crayon pocket on the front...

...and a double patch pocket on the back.

The inside is fully lined with a magnetic snap AND another pocket!  

Gotta run....the heart shaped flat bread I made for the Valentine's party tomorrow is nearly gone
so I hafta make more!

AND, my parents arrive tomorrow for camp!  So excited!  But....lots to get done.  
Have a blessed weekend, everybody!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For the love of bread.

Have you ever had an "I can make thaaaat" moment?  I had one such moment a couple weeks ago while sitting in a hair salon thumbing through a magazine, waiting for my client to get her hair washed and styled.  I saw an ad for this...

Another picture in the ad showed the dough all rolled out flat like biscuit dough, and being cut out with a circle cutter.  Surely I COULD make these!

Double light bulb moment!  I can use a HEART cutter and make cutzie little sandwiches to take to the Valentine's party!  Tonight was the night to try it out.  I used my favorite bread recipe, but didn't double it like I normally do....' COULD have flopped and I would have wasted a lot of honey!  And freshly ground wheat.  BUT......Ta-da!  It worked!

The hearts sliced beautifully and were light and delicate.

A little mayo and tiny spoonful of leftover chicken salad.  Isn't it cute?  Yummy!

Oh yeah....yummy! 

Never have met a carb I didn't like!  Before you leave, take a look at my cousin's blog HERE and read about how her sweet little daughter, Carly, accidentally bought an iTunes app for $349.99, and how she learned a lesson about God's mercy and forgiveness.

Valentine Shtuff.

I promised to show our Valentine "boxes" (that aren't actually boxes at all) that the boys helped me make for their party this Friday with the homeschool group.  Now that they are finished and my creative juices started flowing, I had other ideas that I wish I had thought of first.  (Like covering the entire canister with brown paper and cutting out  individual Scooby's.  I would have liked to have a brown velvety ribbon or maybe strips of faux leather for the handle, instead of the red ribbon I found in my Christmas stash.  The possibilities are endless, of course!

Sticking a mouse through the slots in the lid.
Cover the canister in mod podge.  Apply whatever decorations you want and cover everything with 2 coats of mod podge, letting it dry between coats.

We also finished our mousy valentines to pass out.  I found this idea at the family fun website and changed it a little to suit my little guy's abilities to assemble.  You can see what we used here.

The body of the mouse is a white heart folded in half.