Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well, these last three posts are totally backwards. This is Rebecca with her little charge, Vernon. This picture sums up her time with him. She did all the chasing. He was a live wire but absolutely adorable! You'll notice that the children who played wore the darker blue uniforms (donated by local companies) and the buddies all had light blue shirts. Also donated. Each player (not the buddies) also received shin guards and a soccer ball.
I'm on a roll! (Read previous post) Since blogger is allowing me one picture upload at a time, I'll roll with it...

Here is Zack with HIS buddy, Kelly. Ain't she a cutie? I think Zack enjoyed having such a beautiful buddy. ;-) Kelly was AWESOME! She never stopped smiling and was so happy to hang out with Zack. The first thing the buddies were to do each Friday, was to have their assigned child run around the perimeter of the field with them to warm them up. (those that were capable) Let's just say that Zack warmed Kelly up each Friday evening. She is very athletic, but Zack kept her on her toes. I do hope this program is repeated next year! It was fun for all involved!
Success! I have been trying endlessly to upload pictures to my blog and it just wouldn't let me. Apparently 5 pictures is too much for Blogger to handle at one time. Why don't kids come with upload options? My luck, all 5 of my kids would be allowed to be uploaded. No downgrading to only one child.

Earlier this summer, Zack was invited to participate in a soccer program for kids with various disabilities. The idea was that each special needs child would have a buddy for the evening to play soccer with them (and field exercises) and the parents could just relax on the sidelines. Since they were looking for buddies, and we would all be there each Friday, anyway, I recruited Rebecca and Elijah to be buddies. Here is Elijah with his little guy, Christopher. He was so cute...and a handful. The first night he required 3 full time buddies, but by the end of the program, he was in Elijah's capable hands. It was fun for me to get to know his mother a bit one night. Turns out she has been in Hobe Sound for quite a long time and knows the Vernons and Potters and other families too.