Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Simple Gift Idea (Yummy, too!)

These have got to be the yummiest, easiest dessert I have ever made. Everyone in my house wanted MORE! Place unwrapped Rolo candy on top of pretzels on a greased cookie sheet. Place in oven at 300 degrees for 4 minutes.

Press a pecan half on top immediately.

After they are cooled, place in a jar or box or whatever you wish...

...and add a simple, elegant ribbon. (or whatever else you happen to have sitting around)

Crafty Candle Holders

Look what Nate and James made! (with help from Mom, of course!)

dried corn
dried beans
dried whatever-you-have-in-the-pantry
white glue
plastic wrap
small container to make the candle in

Directions: mix the appropriate amount of dried goods in a medium container and add plenty of white glue. Press the mixture down into the plastic wrap lined small container. Let set for a few minutes and smoosh a candle down into it. After a couple hours, remove carefully from the container, remove plastic wrap and candle so it can thoroughly dry. Let dry overnight.

They look great on our table! Thanks, Nate and James! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Say Thanks!

Let's Give Thanks!

This isn't a new story, but the website is still up and running and you can still pick out a colorful "Thank You" card, personalize it with a message, your name and hometown and know that it will be sent to a troop stationed overseas. I was happy to see that the winning card that Rebecca designed over three years ago is still there! I can't believe it's been that long. It was definitely a high point in her life to have been chosen as one of the winners! She was interview by several different papers and a children's magazine. This would be a great time of the year to remember our troops. In just a click of a mouse, you'll have a message on it's way! Here is a thank you note from an Airforce Staff Sergeant:

To the folks of Let's Say Thanks,
First off let me say a personal thank you. I was out of the office when the package arrived and it was placed on my chair. Just to see a package waiting for me made my day! I speak on behalf of other Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines that receiving a package stuffed with goodies is a great feeling - knowing that the folks back home are very appreciative and supporting of their defenders.
I myself have children ages 7 (girl) and 4 (boy) whom I miss so dearly! Seeing the artwork and the messages "praying and wishing for your safe return" that others write really brings a tear to my eye. It is very touching to know that the kids back home know why we are here defending our country and that they are very active in the supporting us.
Again, I would like to say thank you and keep doing what you are doing as many out here don't have family members to lean on.
- An Air Force Staff Sergeant

Let's Give Thanks, everybody!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Annual Family Photo

Just a few thoughts about my new header photo. I can't remember when I last used a professional photographer to capture our family. I don't like the traditional inside photo opps available from Walmart or JC Penny, etc. I like everybody ELSES photos, but not mine. I guess we are more laid back and informal and I like my photos to depict that. Think jeans and T-shirts. I actually dread our annual photo shoot because it seems like one person is always saying "I closed my eyes!" Or, "There's an ant on me!" Or "This hurts my butt." And that's just the 3 older kids. With the 2 youngest I get the silent treatment. And the scowls. And the "sun in my eyes" look. And the tongue. Lots of tongue. I did manage to get a few good shots, however, after lots of "cheese" and sweat. But I can't share those yet, until I get my cards in the mail! In the meantime, I'm SO GLAD IT'S OVER FOR ANOTHER YEAR! Or at least until Easter.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Falling Behind....Catching Up!

We don't carve pumpkins every year, but this year we found a good sale on them at Walmart and decided to have a party. Zack had Friday off, so we invited Kaylee and Nicky over to scoop and carve.

Rebecca dug in and went with a camouflage theme.

I love how Eli's turned out, but when it was lit not much light shone through.

I think Zack carved his the quickest. Should I be worried about that?

Waiting for the evening time to be lit.

In the meantime, taco salad dinner!

Ready for lights out!

Can you see me now?

Nate wanted the moons and stars. I love how it turned out.

Happy boy=happy pumpkin!

James looks like a bandit with his eyes blacked out like that! Don't ya like his cool spider he insisted on having?

Sitting pretty! The extra big pumpkin on the left was Nicky's. He won it at his school party.

That's it for another year!