Friday, July 24, 2009

Ugly Boredom Bags

Rob begins school next month for machining technology. He needed a "back to school" wardrobe consisting of short sleeve, button down shirts. (He is tired of wearing grey T-shirts.) He found an armload of shirts at the Goodwill and I sat down this morning to shorten the sleeves for him. (He can't wear long sleeves because they might get caught in the machinery and mangle his arm.) I was about to throw the cut offs into the trash when I realized that I had two bored little boys who would rather be at the beach than watching mom sew. (James has been running a fever or else we WOULD be at the beach! Forget sewing!) I decided that the sleeves were just the right shape to make a little bag perfect for holding a handful of hotwheels or whatever else suits their fancy. With their enthusiastic permission, these little bags took shape. Yes they are ugly. And no, the boys don't care!

On the raw ends, shape a "T" with your fingers.

Fold both ends of the "T" over.

Pin. Repeat with other side.

Sew. Turn rightside out and load with priceless treasure. Preferably nothing live.

Optional. Use scrap material to create a monogram.

Inside of ugly bag. This it to show that if you don't have scrap material, you can still monogram with a fancy stitch. (Yes, I know the Z is backwards. It's the inside, remember?)


Capture the joy!

Times two!

It took twice as long to get Rob's sleeves hemmed, but they ARE done!

What Once Was a Cute Pair of Jeans... now an adorable jean skirt. (Hopefully Rebecca will agree!) I found a tutorial on turning a pair of jeans into a skirt and just had to give it a try. I found these jeans at the Goodwill and knew they were the perfect pair to convert. I should have taken a picture of the jeans before I cut them, but let's face it: we all know what jeans look like! The little green turtle was actually on the back of one of the legs near the bottom. Step 1. Cut legs off to the length you want the skirt to be, plus hem if you plan on turning a hem. Step 2. Remove all stitches of inner leg with thread ripper from bottom of zipper to just under back yoke. Step 3. Pin together and fill in the triangle with scraps from the legs that you cut off.

View of the back. You will have to decide how far up the back you need to go with your thread ripper. I stopped just below the yoke to get it all to lay smooth. In the future, I would probably not have such a defined curve (backwards J). I would probably tuck it in a bit more to meet closer to the top of the triangle insert.

Step 4. Sew the new seams. I used a serger type stitch that overlapped the width of the old stitching. You could just do a double row of stitches similar to what you removed. (Most jeans have a double row of yellow/orange stitching) I was very happy with how this looked.

Step 5. Hem. I decided to do the same stitch around the bottom and will just let it fray a bit in the wash. You can do whatever kind of hem you wish.

Finished view of the back.

And the front. (Please ignore the two water spots from my iron. Yeah, I know you wouldn't have even noticed them if I hadn't mentioned it.) I went ahead and put in an order for a new iron from Santa. aka: hubby. Voila! A jean skirt for less than $4.00!

I'm crossing my fingers hoping that number 1, the skirt fits (Rebecca is away at camp) and number 2, that she actually likes it! If she doesn't, I guess I'll have my 2nd skirt give-away on my blog!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Family Fun on the 4th!

This year for the 4th of July, we headed over to my sister's annual Campbell's 4th of July celebration. While it was a smaller crowd than usual, we had the most fun this year than any other year that I can remember. The food was sublime, the weather was perfect and the kids played together like best friends. I took tons of pictures and included only a small portion of them here. But, since there are still a lot to look at, I'll let the photos speak for themselves and keep the commentary to a minimum. These are not in order according to how our day went and we'll start off with our redneck teeth photos.

These teeth were in the kid's pinata, but I think the adults had the most fun with them.

Siblings who play together, stay together.

Like father, like daughter!

Three of mom and dad's four grandaughters.

James giving me my daily kiss.

Aaron and Heather

Adela and Wes.

Rob and I.

Mom and Dad.

Heather made a birthday cake for the kids who have birthdays in July. Kailee, Kody and Elijah were the lucky B-day kids!

Brownie cake with fudge and white chocolate decorated to look like a flag. Genious, beautiful and yummmmmy!!

Cousins. With celebration hair. I'm not sure when this started, but the kids always spray their hair at our 4th of July parties. We are missing baby Tannor, Tuckor and James in this photo. They did NOT want to lay on the grass, thank you very much!

Chairs are better! Eleven of the grandkids are pictured here. We are missing Austin and Jen's kids, plus Adela's stepson. We thought of them all day, wishing they could have come.

This next group of photos were all taken under the fabulously huge tree in Adela's yard. They have four swings hanging from this tree and it's gigantic area of shade made it the perfect hang out spot during the day when it was hot.

Me, loving on Tannor.

Kailee swinging high!

The kids climed up the ladder with the swing and then jumped off. Nobody asked "will you push me?"

Watching all the kids having fun.

How high can you go?

Double the fun! Nate with Kailee.

Trevor taking a break in the shade.

"Is there room for me?"

Aaron, trying to prove that he can still be a monkey. There was never any doubt. ;-)

Grammie and baby Tannor! He is SUCH a loving child. I miss him already!

To take this picture, I stepped back until everyone in the yard was in the shot. You can see on the far right Wesley, Rob and a couple others working on filling the 500 water balloons.

Time to cool off! "Hit me with your best shot!" They are lined up waiting to be shot at with the water balloon sling shots.

Kody, pulling back as hard as he can on the sling shot.

Aaron and Rob are the sling shot holders.

This was slow and nobody was really getting wet, so the sling shots were dropped and a free-for-all started. Notice I'm standing back, with the camera so as not to get aimed at!

Slip-n-Slide time! Wesley is an awning maker and brought home this long stretch of awning material for a slip-n-slide.


But, still that wasn't enough wetness for the adults. Do you think Heather won brownie points with her hubby? ;-)

This "hit" was hired by my lovely sister-in-law, Jennifer. "Thanks, Jen! Yeah, I know, I had it coming!!!"

The "money shot!"

Just so Rob wouldn't feel left out...

He took it like a man!

Pinata time!

After the kids all took their turn, the silly thing still had not been broken. We had a lot of laughs watching Wesley torment the adults by making the pinata go up out of reach and then down to the ground. (Aaron is blindfolded)

I think Wes really injoyed tormenting his wife!

Papa even took a turn!

Glow sticks. It wouldn't be 4th of July without them! I always stock up on them from the dollar store.

Rob and I also provide the fireworks each year.

Trying something new.

More glow stick fun!

Kailee making a sparkler angel!

Thanks, Adela, for hosting, cooking, soaking and entertaining us! Same place, same time, next year?