Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I know, right?

During my lurking around my daughter's facebook friends (just keeping tabs on what is going on, something every good mother should do when it comes to the internet) I kept seeing this phrase, "I know, right?" I thought this is just the new catch phrase of the young generation. You know, like the new version of "cool beans", or "dude", but still I just didn't get it. Meanwhile, my sister, Adela, comes to visit with her four children. We are hanging out and I can't believe my ears when in the middle of our conversation I hear her say "I know, right?" I start laughing because I had just been thinking of how odd this phrase was to me and here she was (30 something years old) rolling it off her tongue like nobody's business! So for the rest of the day our conversations would sound something like this: "Ok, so it's settled. We are eating at the Olive Garden." "Yup! Can't go wrong with that choice." "I know, right?" "Stop it!!! You did it again!" "I know, right?"

So, here we are at the Olive Garden on our sister's night out. Rob stayed home with four of mine and two of hers. We took Tannor, her 6 month old baby with us. After we ate, we ran into Jim Conroy who was headed in to eat dinner with his lovely wife, Julie. He snapped a photo of us since we forgot to do that inside! (Jim is a contractor who just happened to build that beautiful fish fountain that you see when you head towards the Lyric Theatre in Stuart. Jim and Julie are wonderful friends who I don't get to see often enough!)

So, anyway, as I was headed out the door of the restaurant, there was a guy scrubbing the front glass doors with Windex and paper towels. I watched him for a second then told him that he needed a squeegee for a job that big. He laughed out loud and said "I know, right?"

The next morning, Adela loaded up Rebecca and Taylor, her 9 year old daughter and took them to Starbucks. I didn't know this, but apparently they have board games there so they played a round of Scrabble.

Becca and Taylor shared a muffin. Taylor ate the top and Becca was left with the bottom. (She didn't care!)

(This has nothing to do with this blog, but I thought I would throw it in here because it is so adorable!) Wouldn't you say it's time for a haircut?

My baby James and Adela's baby, Tannor. The adorably, chubby babies!

Nate and Tuckor...the handsome skinny minny's. Note that they are both at the age where they would rather be naked!

Wednesday morning we spent a couple hours on the causeway. The weather was fine and we were all relaxed and enjoyed each other's company until the babies started to get cranky.

My ever-growing-up, beautiful gal!

Zack, Trevor and Elijah catching as many of God's creatures as they can.

I want to add a little about my sister. She is God's gift to me! 20 years ago, I couldn't say that. We were as different as night and day and couldn't agree on a single thing! I didn't understand her and she sure didn't understand me. Thank God we grew up! Over the years I have come to love my sister, understand her, trust her, lean on her, confide in her and now consider her to be my best friend! We always have such a good time when we get together and I wish we lived closer so our kids could grow up together. They all get along so well. Love you, sis! (I know when she reads this, her response will be "I know, right?"


Debbie said...

Too funny, now I'll have my ears open to see when I hear that. Great pics!

Mary Ellen said...

How funny! I'll have to listen for that one. I remember when I first heard the saying "I'm giving you a heads up" and my response was "a what?" Then it seemed like I suddenly started hearing that saying all the time.

Enjoyed the pictures!

Adela Campbell said...

LOL I never knew that it was a saying among the youth until you told me. So does that mean I am cool and hip? hehe I must say that I haven't said it too much since I got home, you made me more aware of it I guess. LOL I always thought it was a way of agreeing with someone.
Anyway....thank you for the kind words. I love you too. And so I wont go all emotional on you I will just say..."I know right?" :)
Love ya sis!

Aaron & Heather said...

Those are such good pics!! I do love the one of James, lol... He is so funny. I am on your blog,..... and leaving a comment woohoo for progress, lol :-) Love yall.... we're in texas...talk to ya when we get back!

CharleneOwensMomof2 said...

I say that often. Didn't know it was a different kind of saying. I just thought it was one of those things that everyone said. Now when I hear it or say it, I will think of you.
I agree with you on the sister thing. Mary and I used to not really get along either, and now we are very close.