Friday, August 1, 2008

Help Benjamin come home to sunny Florida!

Correction: tickets are available until SEPTEMBER 1st, not August 1st.
My apologies!

While at Chick-fil-A on Wednesday evening with Ana (my GOOD friend :-) we got to chatting about the adoption fundraiser that they are having for the adoption of a little boy from China. Paul Vedder (who is one of the managers there) and his wife have already adopted a little girl named Lily from China. You can read about their road so far in the process of adopting little Benjamin by clicking here.

Ana and I picked Paul's brain a little bit about the whole process and how the fundraiser was going. Paul and his wife have a deep faith in God and are trusting Him to provide the finances for bringing this adorable little boy home. As of this week, they have only sold about 15-18% of the total tickets available. The Vedder family is a little surprised by this, but they are not wringing their hands! They know that God knows! Paul gave me permission to spread the word and encourage everyone who can to participate in the raffle, and more importantly for everyone to help them PRAY! You can read about the prizes being offered here.

Odds are very high for winning, right now!!! I know I would love to have any or all of the prizes and this is a worthy cause! The tickets are 1 for $25, 5 for $100. For a limited time only, Early Bird Special is 6 for $100, or a Whole Herd Discount of 30 tickets for $300. The tickets will be available until about 4:00 pm August 1st. The drawing will be held at 5:00 pm. I plan on being there!

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