Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birthday Daze!

My baby is 3! Seems like yesterday....(ok, I have the right to recount the event, right?) James was born at home in our bedroom. He came much quicker than I expected and Rob nearly missed the event. He was summoned from the shower and when he rushed into the room, James' head was already born. My body birthed James all on it's own. I never pushed. I kept laughing as I held him and saying "I can't believe he is here already!"

So, here we are, anxiously waiting to be DONE with diapers and sippy cups. We are almost there! James is not allowed to go in the front yard by himself because we live by a major road. Rob is always telling him he isn't old enough. After waking up on his birthday, I immediately sang "Happy Birthday to You". As soon as I finished singing, he held up 3 fingers and asked sweetly, "Now can I go outside?" Awww!

James insisted on a Blue's Clues cake. Blue's Clues is very outdated and I couldn't find anything to put on top of his cake. So, we made a "clue"! He loved it!

Did I say he loved it?

The whole gang. I like having simple family dinners for the birthday child. I like to bond together as a core unit vs. the party being all about the friends with the family in the background.

Huffin' and a puffin'.

Ready, set, go!

James is my most expresive child. He is a joy to watch!

His very own umbrella! Too bad we are in a dry spell.

Yay for cups and forks and spoons! (And Dollar General!)

$10 from Papa and Grammie. He'll have fun spending that!

There is SO much I could say about my youngest son. He is a joy. Whatever he is feeling, he'll express it. He loves to tell me he loves Jesus and "everyone". He loves life, laughs deeply and loves wholeheartedly! And I love him! Very much! Happy 3rd birthday, James! And NO, you can't go outside just yet! Maybe next year! Maybe.


Jennifer said...

He is just tooo his expressions in the pics. The last time I saw him he was just itty bitty. I think it's time for a visit.....sigh, sigh :~'

Adela Campbell said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that cake. Very cute.
Happy Birthday Jimbo ~ We all love you so much!

Misty said...

Happy Belated birthday James! You are right about the expressions....I love his little face, he just enjoys life!

Anonymous said...

No he can not got outside alone EVER someone will be sure to steal such a sweet cute little boy. so Grammie says nonononononononon.
Love MOM

Eileen said...

Alana you sure know how to do things James cake is adorable. Our grandsons loves blue clues too. Looks like he had lots of fun on that day. Thank you for sharing.