Friday, July 24, 2009

Ugly Boredom Bags

Rob begins school next month for machining technology. He needed a "back to school" wardrobe consisting of short sleeve, button down shirts. (He is tired of wearing grey T-shirts.) He found an armload of shirts at the Goodwill and I sat down this morning to shorten the sleeves for him. (He can't wear long sleeves because they might get caught in the machinery and mangle his arm.) I was about to throw the cut offs into the trash when I realized that I had two bored little boys who would rather be at the beach than watching mom sew. (James has been running a fever or else we WOULD be at the beach! Forget sewing!) I decided that the sleeves were just the right shape to make a little bag perfect for holding a handful of hotwheels or whatever else suits their fancy. With their enthusiastic permission, these little bags took shape. Yes they are ugly. And no, the boys don't care!

On the raw ends, shape a "T" with your fingers.

Fold both ends of the "T" over.

Pin. Repeat with other side.

Sew. Turn rightside out and load with priceless treasure. Preferably nothing live.

Optional. Use scrap material to create a monogram.

Inside of ugly bag. This it to show that if you don't have scrap material, you can still monogram with a fancy stitch. (Yes, I know the Z is backwards. It's the inside, remember?)


Capture the joy!

Times two!

It took twice as long to get Rob's sleeves hemmed, but they ARE done!


Jennifer McGregor said...

I'm so Inspired by you! Those are so cute! Clever girl!

Faithe said...

You are so creative! And a WONDERFUL momma besides...your family is blessed!! :-)