Thursday, February 3, 2011

Activity Bags

Campmeeting is just around the corner and I found just the thing to encourage quiet sitting.  Although generally I have found the less we take to church with us, the quieter my younger boys are, I will make exceptions for campmeeting services because they tend to run muuuuch longer.  It's hard for ME to sit still sometimes.  ;-)  When I saw this pattern for activity bags, complete with crayon pockets, 
I just had to make them.  

This pattern is free from Moda Bake Shop
I didn't order the fabric they used mainly because I have never ordered fabric online before.  (Stupid reason, huh?)  I think I will definitely order soon, though, because I paid a whole lot more by shopping at my nearby JoAnn's.  The choices weren't as adorable, either. 

Pretty much, the choices were puppies, or puppies.  We went with puppies.  
 The outside has a crayon pocket on the front...

...and a double patch pocket on the back.

The inside is fully lined with a magnetic snap AND another pocket!  

Gotta run....the heart shaped flat bread I made for the Valentine's party tomorrow is nearly gone
so I hafta make more!

AND, my parents arrive tomorrow for camp!  So excited!  But....lots to get done.  
Have a blessed weekend, everybody!

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Jennifer McGregor said...

Love them! Etsy might be calling your name.