Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1st Birthday of the Year award goes to.......

Nathanael!  Otherwise known as Nate the Great.  Nate, my 3rd son, and fourth child,  
was my first homebirth.....6 years ago. 
Really?  It's not fair that time goes so fast.  
Wasn't this just yesterday?  

Well, I can't escape reality.  He's six years old, and loves cowboy boots so much that I'm not sure what we'll do this summer when it's time to wear shorts.  Can you get away with wearing cowboy boots with shorts when you are six?  Since his old pair were quite worn out, we thought that a new pair would be just the thing to get him for his birthday.  Rob left work for a bit to meet me at 
West of Ole England to help him pick out a new pair.  A quick, but fun excursion.  

As per Nate's request, his birthday dinner menu looked like this:  
hot dogs
Dr. Pepper

Mommy added:  baked beans
baked potato salad

Healthy, huh?  Nate also ordered a lemon flavored cake with white icing, monster trucks and cars.  Thank goodness for Google!  I got some ideas in no time as to how to put that cake all together.  

And thus begins the birthday season!  Next up?  Me!  :-)  I used to be first.....

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Anonymous said...

awww I want to be a cowboy too. lol the pic's are great and a BIG Happy Birthday to Nate. love mom