Monday, March 7, 2011

Crafty Classroom Giveaway!

The Crafty Classroom has a wonderful giveaway this week!  While you are visiting her blog, be sure to check out all her fun ideas and homeschooling hints.  This site has a wealth of information and it'll quickly be one of your favorites! 

Here's what she is giving away:

A program for 2-3 year olds. It uses colorful books, songs, games and activities about animals to introduce the alphabet, numbers, shapes & colors. This program is designed to excite your child about school. Each day has different ideas to keep your child busy as well as the flexibility to work at your own pace. Bible time will introduce creation and other Bible stories that will give a Biblical foundation. You will also learn some Biblical characteristics by looking at animals

A homeschool program targeting students in K3-K5. The programs Biblical focus is on the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians. The student will learn Bible verses and stories that teach different “fruit” and character qualities. In this program the student will master letter sounds using a vertical phonics approach. Math concepts cover counting, number recognition, colors and shapes, measurement, ordering, and more.
They will explore the body, nutrition and healthy habits for science. Each lesson tries to target different learning styles. There is a variety of different worksheets and activities to keep learning fun and engaging. There are “Bigger Step” options for those students who are ready to do some book work and are ready to read.

A program developed when a homeschool mom couldn’t find a cursive program that she was 100% satisfied with. As a result, The Joy of Handwriting was born. She took the best methods and ideas that she thought would work best and developed a program that is high quality and easy to use with kindergarteners as well as older elementary students. After having such good success with her own kindergarten student she wanted to make it available for others to try. The program was originally developed for cursive handwriting, but updated with a manuscript version

Good luck!


Susan Dietz said...

Read the post about Zach and looked through the others. Very interesting. Will keep Zach in our prayers. Interested in following Zach progress.

Susan Dietz said...

Interesting blog, Allana. I would like to follow it especially about Zach's progress. We'll keep him in our prayers.