Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why Bother?

I have hesitated to blog lately for many reasons.  The first reason being:  there are tons of blogs on the net to fit all kinds of personalities.  The blogs I love to click through happen to be along the lines of
inspirational like this one,
crafty blogs like this one,
or food blogs,  like this, for example.  

While I love reading blogs, and I do like to blog, I still hesitate.  Why?  The question for me, is 'Why Bother'?  With so many top notch blogs out there, who needs mine?  Another reason I hesitate (and it's a big one for me) is I don't want anyone reading this to think I'm bragging about where I have been with my kids, what I made for dinner or what crafty thingy I have made lately.  Truth is, I'm NOT crafty!  I just happen to love copying OTHER people's craftiness!    I love finding new ideas for cooking.  And I love passing it all on because, let's face it....worn out moms like me need all the inspiration we can find!  So, I may not have beautiful words of wisdom, or an original thought in my head, but what I do glean, I pass on to you.  It's not about me.  Please believe me!  I guess my blog is sort of like my journal.  I find great ideas for life and I need to remember them and pass them on.  

OK.  I DO have ONE GOOD reason for blogging.  My Mother!  She loves to keep updated on her grand kids, and this is a great way to do that for her.  So, for that reason alone, I'll keep at this.  :-)  And hope and pray that nobody takes this blog as my "bragging page".  'Cause it certainly isn't meant to be that.  :-)  :-)  OK?  :-)

Whew!  Guess what?  My sister and her 5 beautiful children are coming for a visit very soon!  I'm beside myself with excitement!  I can't wait to hug her neck and all the nephews and nieces, too, of course!  We have plans.  Yup!  One of those is to get all 10 of our children together for a NICE cousin photo.  (Nice meaning no dirty fingers or faces, combed hair and .....matching outfits.  

Well, ok, matching shirts, anyway.  I lucked out at Old Navy with cheap polo's and free shipping.  Since I typically buy new polo's for my boys for Easter, I figured the shirts can do double duty.  Cousin photo AND Easter.  'Cause they were so cheap, I outfitted my nephews with some snazzy matching polo's as well.  Still have to figure out what the 3 girls will wear.  

 Photo location: thinking of the possibilities.  Here are a few choices for a green location.  

Which location is your favorite? 


Anonymous said...

Hey Allana, I'm so glad you blog! I love checking in with you. Why Bother? Because you are worthy of sharing every life experience your heart desires. And yes, it's ok...

My favorite spot for pix would be #2 or #3. Whatever you pick will be amazing!

The thing I like about blogging is that we are all unique in our own way. I personally blog just for me (and others if they're interested), so that when I'm 80 years old, I'll have these memories to go back to. In fact I haven't touched FB for a little over a week as I'm trying to get back to devoting my time to the blog.

I got to meet in person a couple of my favorite bloggers last weekend. It was amazing and mind blowing for me. I'm still on a high...

Keep the blog love flowing for me too Allana...It's worth it to me too.

Oh, I recently changed my blog to wordpress.

Blessings - Debbie

Anonymous said...

Thank you Allana I love reading your blog and it is not bragging. I love number 3. Can just see all 10 strong out on the path. love you mom p.s. I want a copy please

Bekah Lee said...

I like number 3! =]

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm sorry I made it difficult for you to figure out just exactly "who" I am. For some reason I didn't even give it a thought, sorry. :)

I love that you got a new Nikon, how FUN! It's amazing the joy that comes from taking pix with these new cameras. Cheers to taking great photos!

Blessings - Debbie

Jennifer McGregor said...

Your cousin enjoys your wisdom, too:) I love to "check in" on you and see your cute kids! I blog to remember where I've been and hopefully to see some progress of where I got, eventually... journal and scrapbook all in one! And it IS all about our moms, right? Our mother's WANT to see and hear this stuff!!!! hahahaha! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I am loving #3 right now. I think that one would be perfect.
And I can't wait to come over there to get my neck hugging! lol

See you soon!! =)