Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Green is a Great Color!

This past Saturday was promotion day for Rebecca and Elijah at Kids Kickin' for Christ. They both promoted to GREEN belt! Woo-hoo! They have been doing TKD for a few months now, after taking a break from it for a couple years. They had to re-learn everything, brush up on their forms, one-steps, and Bible verses. They have practiced a LOT over that last couple months. I think they average about 3 hours a week practicing, outside of actual class. I had told Rebecca and Elijah that I had to work and wouldn't be able to be at the promotion. Rob was to go, and so was their aunt. So, I knew there would be someone there to cheer them on and take pictures. Yeah. That was the plan. Don't you love how things can go SO bad when least expected? Rob dropped Nate and James off with a sitter and took Becca and Eli to promotion. After he got there, he realized he hadn't sent any diapers and wipes with the little guys. So, he turned right around and took diapers and wipes to the sitter and went straight back to promotion. Now, usually, Steve and Bri have a big class promoting and it usually takes and hour and a half from start to finish. This class, though, as you can see in the picture was on the small side and by the time Rob got back, promotion was over! And the aunt never showed up. I never knew my heart could break into a thousand pieces over an emotional hurt in my child. But that's exactly what happened. Rebecca was so disappointed that neither Rob nor I were there for them. I held Becca later and we both sobbed over it. I vowed to her that at the next promotion, there was NO WAY I would work and Rob and I would both be there for her.

Thankfully, someone (not sure who!) took pictures with the camera I sent with them. This one is a little blurry, but you can see Becca on the back row, with the orange belt around her neck. Elijah is on the far right.

Here they are with their teacher, Steve. Way to go, kids! I am SOOOO proud of both of you! You both worked your butts off in order to promote this week. Green is great, but PURPLE, here we come!!!


Adela Campbell said...

Aunt Adela is so very proud of the too of you and all the hard work you put into accomplishing your goal of green belt.

Aaron & Heather said...

Awww wow... that brings back sooo many memories...I still have my trainer cards for my testing out...Tell them congrats!!! That is so awesome! A give momma a hug for me....I know its rough...we can feel those tears!

Misty said...

Awww....I feel so sad for you and Becca.... Great job to Becca and Eli!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Becca and Eli that is totaly awsome!! I know you can get the next color too!! SSSOOOOOOOO proud of you! LOve Grammie and PaPa

Permission to Mother said...

Congratulations to Becca and Eli!
I like how they wear the old belt around their neck. I also like the belt rack showing off "where they've been" and "what they are working for next" because every Martial Arts has different belt colors.