Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Thankful Tree

I had an idea for this "Thankful Tree" for the kids to demonstrate their thankfulness in a visual way. Elijah painted the lovely tree on heavy painting paper and we taped it up on the fridge. I then had them trace their hands on construction paper and cut out several of them. Each day, they take one and write on it something for which they are thankful, and add it to the tree. With five leaves being added each day, I'm sure we'll run out of room very soon. We are letting some of the "leaves" fall on the "ground".

I wasn't sure if Nathanael and James would grasp the concept of listing things they are thankful for, but as I was talking to them about it, they picked right up on it! They had all sorts of things they were thankful for and I wrote down their first ideas which were apples for Nate and James said he was thankful for Puppy, his stuffed animal. Today, James said he was thankful for pumpkin lolly-pops, and Nate was thankful for his bicycle!

The three older kids have come up with even more great things they want to express gratitude for like sunshine, love, God, aquariums and Mom and Dad!

This was a quick, fun project for them to do and they are chomping at the bit to get the tree all filled in with thankful leaves. I'll post another picture of the tree in a couple weeks when it is full and overflowing. I have a feeling they will ask to do this again next year!

What are YOU thankful for today?


Joy said...

What a neat idea! I may have to do that with my kids, that is, if you don't mind me borrowing your idea.

Allana Martian said...

I don't mind a bit, Joy! Please post a picture of it, if you do!

Adela Campbell said...

I have seen this idea before, but just never got around to doing it with my kiddos.
So glad that you made the time to do this with them. We talk about it with ours and they have come up with great ideas, maybe I will let them start one tomorrow.

I am thankful that God still loves me imperfections and all and has stood by my side throughout the years in my ups and in my downs. And that my walk with him is growing stonger daily.

I am thankful for my ALL my family.

I am thankful for chocolate!!!

I am thankful for pedicures!!!

LOL =~)

Sarah said...

We did a Thankful tree one year. My children really enjoyed it. I think I still have ours in a box somewhere.

Permission to Mother said...

This is an idea that I love too!

PS- I get the funniest word codes on your blog. This time it is
"cow mounn."

Allana Martian said...

Denise, I shall be looking forward to lots of comments form you since you'll be leaving comments just to see what the next word verification will be!!!

Aaron & Heather said...

Awww what a great idea! And thank you so much for the prayers...I know that he is listening and protecting my little miracle...It means so much! I am determined that we WILL go baby shopping, lol.

Jennifer McGregor said...

I'm with James...pumpkin lollipops! and Aunt Adela, PEDICURES:) And I feel that "ALL MY FAMILY" includes ME:) So, thanks for that Adela... I'm totally with you on that one, too! FABULOUS IDEA! This is making it's way to our fridge, too.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea! I am thankful for my children and grandchildren for my brothers and their children and their grandchildren should I just say all my family lol Should Dad and I do a tree? hMMM love mom