Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Thoughts From Someone Who Hasn't Blogged In Awhile

There has been this nagging thought in the back of my mind that I have been neglecting my blog. Then I think who really wants to see another blog with pictures of my kids doing something cute/amazing, or photos of yet another person's Thanksgiving turkey and all their family and friends (conveniently enough, I forgot to take my camera with on Thanksgiving Day) or marvelous Christmas decorations hung and artfully arranged without any mishaps. So, in lieu of another boring predictable blog, I am stepping out of the mainstream and giving you a peek into our normal, imperfect life. Don't worry, it's as boring as the predictable blogs!

I never did understand the love affair some people have with raw cookie dough. The kids and I whipped up 3 batches of cookies to take with us to our friend's house on Thanksgiving day. Keeping (clean) fingers out of the dough proved to be a challenge.

Notice that I have photos of all the dough, but I neglected to take any pictures of the huge pile of actual cookies we had a couple hours later. And I challenge YOU to take a better photo of 5 kids who are on a cookie dough sugar high. And yes, Rebecca is now pleading with me "Can I please go, now, Mom?"

Remember the Thankful Tree a couple of blogs back? Well, in spite of all my good intentions, the holiday week kicked my butt and we didn't get as many hands on the tree as we thought we would. Hey, I got a picture of it before I removed it from the fridge, so that should count for something, right?

Did you ever wake up in the morning and say "Who cares what I look like, I just want to sit at the table and eat a donut?" Yeah. Me neither. But James has! This was Black Friday morning, after Rebecca and I got up at 3:30 am and hit the stores with our list in hand. We got everything we had on the list!!! All two items. Can you spell success? Then we went by Dunkin Donuts, bought a box of 14, went home, threw them on the table and went back to bed. When everyone woke up, we had eggs and donuts and coffee. (Sounds gross now that I think about it!)

After the donuts and coffee, we put up our tree! Hold your applause. By the next day, 95% of the lights were (and still are) out. Something got unplugged and for the LIFE of me, I can't find the end it should be connected to. So, sometime before Christmas Eve, I have to UNdecorate the tree and get the stupid thing lit! You know, Christmas is for kids! And we have 5. (just in case you didn't know) So, I can't be all hum-bug about it.

So, there you have it. All my dirty laundry: I forget to take pictures of important things. Projects that are started don't always get completely finished. I feed my kids donuts for breakfast (very rarely, though) Plus, I have a dark Christmas tree sitting in my living room that looks nothing like the photo above. Hey, I just realized that I DID take a picture of the tree before the lights went out, so that should count for something! So, as you read other blogs today and maybe feel overwhelmed by their apparent jockeying for the next Martha Stewart award, remember that there are some of us out here in the blog world that are just (gasp!) normal people!

Live, Love, Laugh and hug the people you love!


Adela Campbell said...

LOL I love it.
Though our tree still has all the lights working, it is however missing ALL of the ornaments. The little ones thought they made great throw toys and Tannor has managed to pull the thing down on him a few times already and some of the ornaments were quickly getting broken. SO I took them all off. Now it only has lights and ribbon and an angel on the top. =~) Hey it is actually kindof pretty.

Allana Martian said...

Poor Tannor! It's definitely a challenge to teach the little ones to look but not touch. I mean come on! It's the biggest, brightest, glittery-est temptation of all! And Mom and Dad aren't watching EVERY minute! That's why we went with all plastic non sentimental ornaments these last 2 years. It's just too tempting and they are too quick. I can see it in James' eyes: he is weighing the cost of touching (because he KNOWS he will get spanked) and he figures the pain is worth it.

When I was on the phone with Ana the other day Nate and James made ornament soup. (6 red, glittery plastic balls in the toilet) James was very sorry. Nate denied everything.

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Thanks for sharing your "blah & boring" life with us...lololololol!! There is nothing "blah & boring" about being a mommy. And thank you for reminding us that we do not live in a perfect world. Like you I wonder about some people and the stuff they blog about. Hope your tree is fixable. Love the donuts and eggs. Not the 3:00 a.m. shopping spree...UGH!! I don't like to shop anytime however, we must do some shopping soon or the tree is going to remain bare under neath. Have a great Christmas!! Thanks for the relaxing blog!!

Misty said...

You are too funny! And were you standing on the table to take the picture? That may be why your daughter was looking at you so funny :-)

Last year our tree had most of the light burnt out by the time Christmas came around.

My kids (and hubby!) would love it if I brought doughnuts home! I use to occasionally when I was working nights.... May have to do it again soon....

From a fellow blog neglector....(is that a word???)

Joy said...

Hey! It's great being normal! BTW, your tree is beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Tooo... funny. Love it. What do mean your not perfect!!! You have to be kidding me!!!lol Anyone with kids knows there is no such thing as "perfect"!!

Jennifer said...

I forgot to say my tree is tied to my windows with fishing line!!lol

Adela Campbell said...

LOL Jenn that is too funny. We had ours tied to the wall one year when Tay and Trev were smaller. LOL

Debbie said...

Oh Alana, your kids are JUST TOO CUTE! And that sweet pic of your little man with that doughnut... Why, I coule just squeeze him!

You can never post too many pictures of your children, ever!!! Just think how your children will enjoy reading their mother's pictorial "diary" in years to come. Your blog is priceless Alana ~ So don't STOP!

Rebekah said...

Hi Allana, My sister Faith just gave me your blog site. Wow! I loved it. You really have a way with words and I love the pictures too. Especially the one with the children and the cookie dough on the table. God bless you in your full time job as a mother.