Monday, December 15, 2008

Homemade Hooded Towels

My friend, Misty, made some of these hooded towels and wrote a nice tutorial on her blog on how to make them. Click here to read it. If I had followed her directions, mine would have turned out like hers! I forgot to shorten the towel for a smaller hood. Plus, (on purpose) I made my pleats right beside the printed fabric, on both sides instead of one pleat in the back.

I'm so glad she posted her tutorial because I needed to get something for my two youngest nephews, and when I saw her hooded towels, I knew that these were just the ticket!

James and Nate are modeling them for my blog. They turned out nice! My sister's boys are all into camo and hunting stuff, so I think they will like these. Of course, Nate and James now want their own! Maybe for their birthday. :-)

Camo and brown for Tuckor.

Bucks and green for Tannor.

Adela, don't let your boys see these! They'll be in the mail later today or tomorrow!


Misty said...

Cool!! I am sure your nephews will love them.

I did two Thomas the Train ones for my nephews. Sadly, Kaylee & Karissa still do not have one, they always grab Kathryn's & Kara's so I think I will have to be a good mommy AFTER Christmas and make 2 more!

Adela Campbell said...

I love them! They turned out great! They will love them I am sure.
By the way, just incase you didn't know, my favorite color is red and the magnolia flower is my fave flower. SO, do those towels come in adult size? lol
Love Ya!

Permission to Mother said...

I love them and I want one for me. :P

Fultz Family said...

Hi, Allana. I have looked at your blog a few times recently. I found it through Hobe Sound bloggers. It has been a very long time since we "knew" each other. I am Laura Stoner and we played saxophones together at Penn View. I was in Austin's class. I married Mark Fultz. You can catch up with us by clicking on our name and checking out our blog. Happy Holidays!
PS: I found Austin and commented on their blog too.

Eileen said...

You sure have some real neat ideas on your blog.