Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Deal or No Deal

As most of you know, I love to hunt on Craigslist for a good deal on furniture for my home. Did you know that Craigslist is also a great source of entertainment? There are endless typos that will make you snicker, so called "deals" that you wonder "what are they thinking?", items that look better suited for the trash and on and on. But, THIS one takes the cake! I'm completely dumb founded! Study the bold heading before looking at the pictures.

Antique Dresser early 1900's Pine - $329

Real wood! Not pressed board here.
If you appreciate furniture you'll like this piece.
Call for appt.

Can somebody please explain this one to me? My question is will they sell their early 1900's computer to go with the antique dresser? And the price??? Hello!


Jennifer said...

That sure looks like an antique all right. It looks a piece from around the 21st century, in my opinion. HEHEHE

Love the new pics!!
My word verification is "scomm"!! Where do they get these words?? Pretty funny!

Fultz Family said...

Your updated pictures of all of you are beautiful! Love the color contrasts. I did play sax w/U and in fact, have music with your name, Michelle Mason's and mine handwritten by Miss Peters. I understand the jaw pain thing. Been there done that and have a pretty incredible experience regarding My jaw pain. I do still play though I don't have the opportunity to play often. Mark purchased me a B flat straight sax. I love it!
You can check out our blog for Nevaeh's update. Please pray with us. Only God can take care of our need just now.

Mary Ellen said...

I am also amused that they call it dresser, isn't that a DESK???

Livin' out loud said...

all I can say is "Huh??" lol...still laughing!

Allana Martian said...

It is a computer desk, and it certainly can't be an early 19th century piece, considering computers weren't around at that time.