Friday, February 6, 2009

Early Valentine's Party

Each year, Sonshine Christian Academy, our local home school support group plans a huge Valentine's party at Mary Brogan Park. Every child or family brings 50 valentines addressed to "my friend" and we have a potluck, games, crafts and card exchange. It's always well attended and a huge hit! I'm no Mrs. McGregor (my adorable cousin who creates beautiful, handcrafted cards and journals) but I had an idea to use the verse from I Corinthians 13:7 on our valentine's cards this year. I made the cards on the computer and we put heart stickers and glitter on them. Then we attached them to little bags of gummi bears and graham cracker bears. They turned out cute!

The kids helped assemble this pile of 50 Valentines.

Getting the food tables in order.

It was warmer in the sun, and the kids eagerly lined up to distribute their cards.

Sweet little Claire, chowing down on her first cup-cake.

Elijah opted to let Nate and James hand out our family valentines and guarded our bags from the wind.

Nate and James enjoyed handing out their "Love Bears".

All the kids! What a motley crew!

This was the calm before the storm. Once they dug into their bags, it was nothing but excitement after that!

Rebecca, Shelane and I soaking up the sunshine.

Rebecca and Shelane practicing taking BP.

Valentine's Day is still 8 days away, but we enjoyed our early celebration!

"Love Bears All Things!"


The Canfield Family said...

Glad to see that you are homeschooling. You won't regret it!

Lorette said...
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Sarah said...

I love those cards :)

Adela Campbell said...

That was a great idea and they turned out beautiful!

Misty said...

Those are really cute! I may have to "borrow" that idea :-) One of these days we need to have a little chat about homeschooling. We are thinking more and more about doing it next year....

Jennifer said...

It looked like alot of fun!! Good job. Austin and I are thinking about homeschooling again. Wish we had a group like that but up here in the mountains it's hard to find anybody.

Tracy said...

Great valentines ... we all carry a bit of "Mrs. McGregor's" genes ... she just got the lion share!

Jennifer McGregor said...

LOVE THE VALENTINES!!! I really liked the idea to put a verse on them, that was great! Always fun to have your kids helping you do something nice for others, huh?! Thanks for the shout out... oh, and for thinking I'm adorable:)
Mrs. McG