Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Just for kicks, let's start with the GOOD! If I were a good blogger, I would dig around in my boxes of photos that never made it to the albums and find the photo that would complete this part of the blog. Somewhere in said boxes, I have a picture of Zack and Elijah wearing these adorable jackets. I loved the jackets, saved them, sent them to my sister's for her boys to use, got them back and now Nate and James are putting them to good use!

More good: got a chocolate craving? This will cure it! Whip up your favorite batch of brownie mix. Use a cookie scoop to measure out the mix into a mini muffin pan. Bake for about 8 minutes or until the edges of the brownies are set and only the centers are still wet. Push an unwrapped Rolo candy into each muffin and place back into oven until finished. About 7 minutes, in my oven. Remove from oven and gently push a pecan half into the top of the Rolo candy. You can omit the nuts if you want.

The BAD! The other day, Nate started sobbing like his heart was broken. Tweezers gently wielded by daddy, revealed a "lost" pom-pom that had mysteriously disappeared into Nates nose. Yes, the drip know. Like I said, BAD!

The Ugly: Meet our newest family member. I'm a horrid grandmother, because I don't know his/her name, nor do I care to. I don't have to care for this bearded dragon that was given to Elijah, so I'm "out of the loop" so to speak. He is big. He is ugly. Nate likes him.

But not when it gets too close to his face!


Kara Plank said...

Good post! Your title "The Good, Bad & Ugly" is so true in each case! lol.

Misty said...

The boys are adorable (as always!) The chocolate looks absolutely wonderful :-) We have our own pom-pom up the nose story....unfortunately I did not realize it was a pom-pom to begin with...long story, they do not smell good after they have been up there a week. Thankfully we got it resolved before our appointment with the ENT. And the bearded dragon....well, I'm thankful I have girls! LOL

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Love the brownies. They look yummy!! The dragon I can live without. Nice that you are "out of the loop" on that one.

Jennifer said...

The brownies look very yummy. I'll have to remember that one. The pom-pom, well ewwww, good thing you found it. The dragon, well how can I say this, not in my house. Gross!!!

Adela Campbell said...

HA very funny! Now I can take the dragon thingy over the rats things with the loooonnnggg nasty tails. LOL

Anonymous said...

My grandchildren NEED a farm with soft wolly animals!lol
Loved the pic's MOM

David & April said...

My comment to all
The Good: Awww...cute!
The bad: eww, gross!!
The ugly: Ahhh!!!

Eileen said...

The brownies sure look good. Thanks for sharing.