Monday, June 22, 2009

Blue Belt Promotion

In order to keep my Tae Kwon Do blogs from becoming the same from promotion to promotion, I decided to cull just a few of my favorite shots from Rebecca and Elijah's latest promotion. Also, to keep you on your toes, I purposely (ha!) mixed up the pictures!

Christopher Jackson promoted to 1st degree black belt. He had to break a cement brick. Let me tell you, this boy make it look easy! The brick might as well have been a block of butter! He was also invited to become part of the STORM team. You can see Kayla W. in the background in the blue uniform. It is a very special honor to be a part of this demonstration team. If I remember right, STORM stands for Special Team of Role Models. They are chosen for their character, leadership and "giving their all". Christopher's sister, Danielle was chosen as well as my friend's daughter, Lilly.

This was something I hadn't seen before either, so I'm including it here. Christopher had a 3 board break which he also did flawlessly. He is amazing to watch!

You can see what he did better in this picture by looking at the way he set it up. Low, medium and high breaks.

Back to MY kids! Rebecca doing her board break.

Elijah was first in line for their group. He snapped this baby so hard it broke into 3 pieces. There is a piece in each of Steve's hands and the 3rd flying in the air over Steve's head. (above the white door in the background)

We have been fortunate to have my parents come for a lot of their promotions and this time was no exception! They also brought along two of my sister's children, Taylor and Trevor.

Traditional shot with Steve and Bri.

Ms. Hwang happens to be Steve Morris' instructor. Her father brought Tae Kwon Do to America. She is a 6th degree black belt with her father, and considered 5th degree here in the States. Rebecca and Eli enjoyed meeting her!

Big group = 2 1/2 hour promotion! It was great fun, though!


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Anonymous said...

This was an awsome event and I was so very happy to be there. Soo proud of you guys Becca and Eli~!! love mom