Monday, June 22, 2009

Party Time!

I can't believe I pulled it off, but we were able to surprise Rebecca with a party this past Saturday to celebrate completing 8th grade! We invited both sides of our families and Diana (Rob's sister) graciously allowed us to use her house. My parents and two of Adela's children were the only ones from my side that were able to come, so I invited a close friend of ours and her family to "stand in the gap".

I made her a beach themed cake which tasted superb!

Rebecca loved it! I took lots of pictures of her, but didn't show her the ones from our second photo shoot. So those were a surprise for her as well. She now has that frame hanging on her wall in her room.

Close up of the table decorations. I made chicken salad sandwiches, and ceaser salad and my sister-in-law was so sweet to make a lovely fruit salad and a plate of cookies to add to the menu. (I didn't think to get a picture of the table before everyone dug in. :-(

The younger group ate outside on the patio while the rest of us stayed in the cool house!

James decided to eat here, all by himself.

This is Diana's father-in-law. His name is Radim and he is from Czech Republic. He is visiting for the summer. (Trevor digging into the food in the background.)

I also didn't think to get everyone together for a group photo. (what's wrong with me???) But here we have Rob's mother looking on while Rebecca opens one of her cards. My friend Ana and her daughter Katrina are on the couch. I DO have a picture of my parents, but it isn't a nice shot of them. (Mom, if you read this, see if there are any good ones of you on Dad's camera that you can send me!)

I have been planning all year on putting together a yearbook for Rebecca. is a fabulous website to do just that. She had NO idea that I have been working on this! It turned out absolutely beautiful!

Ana and Katrina checking out the yearbook.

Rob's sister and brother, Diana and Eric.

The youngest of the group cooling off in the pool. I think we had 9 in the pool here.

So happy to be in High School now!!!


Jennifer McGregor said...

Congratulations! Beautiful cake, Allana!

Joy said...

Great cake, Allana! You sure are a lady of many talents.

Anonymous said...

Nope nothing on Dads' camera of me that you would want to use. He realy got some cute ones of Anna and her daughter. Was a great party. LOVE MOM