Monday, November 9, 2009

Falling Behind....Catching Up!

We don't carve pumpkins every year, but this year we found a good sale on them at Walmart and decided to have a party. Zack had Friday off, so we invited Kaylee and Nicky over to scoop and carve.

Rebecca dug in and went with a camouflage theme.

I love how Eli's turned out, but when it was lit not much light shone through.

I think Zack carved his the quickest. Should I be worried about that?

Waiting for the evening time to be lit.

In the meantime, taco salad dinner!

Ready for lights out!

Can you see me now?

Nate wanted the moons and stars. I love how it turned out.

Happy boy=happy pumpkin!

James looks like a bandit with his eyes blacked out like that! Don't ya like his cool spider he insisted on having?

Sitting pretty! The extra big pumpkin on the left was Nicky's. He won it at his school party.

That's it for another year!


Jennifer McGregor said...

Your pumpkins turned out so cute!

Adela Campbell said...

Looks like a great evening. The pupmkins turned out so good. They really did a fabulous gob on them.
Love to you all!!

Anonymous said...

What a great job you all made some realy cool pumpkins! I love them. Love Grammie

Mark and Laura Fultz said...

What fantastic fun!! L.