Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009 Hobe Sound Christmas Parade

At first glance, this first picture portrays a typical annual tradition.

It had been raining that morning, and we thought that surely the parade would be cancelled. People lined up, however, and it soon cleared up enough that we all thought the worst was over. Then it started in again about 30 minutes into the parade.

We stuck it out because Rebecca and Elijah were marching with their Tae Kwon Do school. Can you see Elijah here, drenched to the bone? (wearing black shoes and looking at the camera)

The rains came down.

Candy was ignored for the sole chore of trying to keep dry.

Unbelievably, it started coming down in sheets. Looks like a hurricane, huh? This Martin County Sheriff's posse bravely plodded on.

Afterwards, except for our heads we were all soaked to the bone and the kids were getting the chills.

We won't soon forget this years parade! After this one, next year's has nowhere to go but up! This was supposed to be the largest ever parade. In the end, all the bands cancelled but one. There was very little music playing, but plenty of good humor! What a way to kick off the Christmas Season!


Anonymous said...

I am thankful none of us got sick from our day in the rain. It was a blast any way rain or no rain I would do it again with you all. love mom

Tracy said...

Hilarious. Once we were at Disney and quite pleased with ourselves to make it to the tram before the deluge hit ... we thought we would be dry. And, we were ... until the tram took the first turn and a wave of water landed in our laps. We STILL talk about it ... "Remember the tram?" HA!