Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Present time, present time, open the present, see what's inside!" ~Blue's Clues

Due to a crazy schedule this month for all parties involved, we decided to have Christmas with my parents this past weekend. It was a great weekend to do this since we had a full plate of Christmas activities to make it feel more like Christmas! (two Christmas parades and an awesome program at Hobe Sound Bible Church...The Singing Christmas Tree.) So, Saturday the 5th found us gathered around the tree in the living room, ready to unwrap!

Mom loved her monogrammed canvas tote bag from L.L. Bean. She never finds anything with her name on it so she was one happy gal!

I found a great book with "then and now" Bible maps. It also included a CD rom so Dad can print out the maps for his Sunday School class.

Grammie made these aDORable bear shaped blankets for Nate and James. They LOVE them!

Zack and Elijah both received a box full of art supplies. Paper, assorted art pencils and cool design books.

Both boys love to draw, so these were a BIG hit!

Dad went shopping for the men in the family and bought Rob a very nice set of drill bits. I don't know much about tools, but apparently Dad picked out a good set!

Can you believe we made Rebecca wait last to open her gift from her Grandparents??? We are SO mean! Actually, we all enjoyed taking our time and savoring every minute. Anyway, Mom crocheted this huge snuggie for Bee. Her favorite past time is to cuddle up in a blanket with a good book. This is way better than a blanket... it's a blanket with sleeves! How cool is that?

What? There aren't any pictures of ME opening a gift? You are right! My parents didn't think I behaved well enough to get one. Lump of coal for me! Just kidding of course. Mom (good listener that she is) remembered me saying that I would love to have a Mennonite Cookbook so she had her local book store order one for me. LOVE IT! (and just for good measure, she threw in a box of Rubbermaid storage containers, to boot!) Since there aren't any pictures to PROOVE that they bought me a gift, you'll just have to take my word for it!


Anonymous said...

Yes we did realy get Allana a gift for those of you who read her blog just want to make that clear. I have a picture of her with them!! lol love you Allana we had an awsome weekend Christmas with you and yours. love mom

Laurie said...

How fun... Looks like everyone had a great time! I love your christmas blog page! I bet there was lots of good food too. Did you have chocolate pie? That's my favorite recipe of your mom's.