Sunday, January 17, 2010

Silver Springs

I worked Christmas day this year. Guess what that means? It means I owed my family, big time! With the extra cash I made, we took a nice little family trip up to Orlando for a visit to Wonder Works (we'll never go back), dinner that night at Sweet Tomato's with my wonderful Mom and Dad (of which I have no pictures because our camera was "picked up" by a stranger at WW. We got it back later that night.) and the next day we headed up to Ocala bright and early to visit Silver Springs. It was the "best day ever", to quote my son, Zack. Well, HE didn't say that about Silver Springs, but it IS one of his famous lines. After the horrid day we had at WW, we SO needed this relaxing day at SS. It was cold, but so stinkin' beautiful and quiet and uncrowded that we fell in love with the park. For an extra $10, we ended up with season passes, so hopefully we can go back again before the year is up. Take a gander at the beauty of Ocala and it's famous fresh water springs!

SS is famous for it's glass bottom boats.

The view down and all around was beautiful.

The water is so crystal clear that the turtles looked like they were in air instead of water. Did you know they eat ice cream cones? Neither did I!!

This is a sunken tree.

A viewing deck offered a beautiful place to sit and relax. Which we did!

A view from above.

Crystal Gale in concert at the Springs.

You have to pay big money at Busch Garden's to do THIS!

Souvenir shopping.

Shhh! The feather lolly-pop is talking to me!

I came all the way to Ocala to buy a toy I could have purchased at the Dollar Store!


Eileen said...

Sure looks like a lot of fun. I heard some about this place. I was trying to find some place to go where there wasn't a lot of money involved, to go to in that area. By Ocala. My step mother lives up there, and have not seen her since we have moved down here, two years ago the 28. So I need to do something. I want to be able to take my grandkids so that she could see them I don't believe she has seen any of them in person since they were born. So I thought it would be nice. Any way. Thanks for sharing love the family pic on here. Have a blessed day! Love Ya,

Dwight Donahey said...

Great pictures - we were just there yesterday! Now, we're back in PA.