Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Mary Ellen said...

Wow - that must have been taken by a REALLY good photographer... "-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Allana,
I was reading Michael's Blog and read a comment you left there. I clicked and found your blog. We are sitting here admiring your family and enjoying reading about your Christmas. We are really enjoying the pictures!

We will be at Hobe Sound at camp. Michelle and her family as well as Michael and family will be there, too. Hope to see you.

We read your comment about Uncle Bud. Please pray for him physically and spiritually.

With love,
Barry and Gertie Mason

Allana Martian said...

Mary...yes, you are a super photographer! lol

Barry and Gertie...nice surprise to hear from you! Mom and Dad will be here for camp, too. I'm planning on bringing the kids to your Children's service, but this year my oldest will be in the youth service.

I'll certainly pray for Uncle Bud.

See you in a couple weeks and bring some winter weather with you, OK?

BTW, my email is

carla said...

Love the picture of you and Rob!
Hope all is going well!!

Florida Bozone Bunch said...

I enjoyed catching up on the Martian news. Nice photo. I need your advice on a picture I would like to do of my kids. I will have to talk to you more about it later. I enjoyed your Christmas picture and the comment your little one said about God's house. Kids are priceless.

Permission to Mother said...

Allana, I am adding you to my blogroll.