Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Skirt Giveaway!

I found this adorable skirt for my daughter, Rebecca, and it's too tight for her. I got it cheap, so I thought I would have a little fun and offer it as a giveaway on my blog! It is a size 12, but in my opinion, it is closer to a 10. The waist is 26 inches and the skirt is 26 inches long and fully lined. There is a cute braided leather belt with red beads on the end of the dangling strings. The tags are still on it and the comparable price is $42. So, if you think someone you love would look cute wearing it, just leave a comment. Next week I'll put all the names of those who left a comment in a hat and have my daughter draw out a winning name. For fun, you can send me a picture of your "girl" wearing the skirt and I'll post it in another blog. (optional!)


JenLo said...

My girl, Caroline, would LOVE that skirt! She is right between a 10/12 so it would probably be great for her! Put our name in the hat and we'll for sure post a pic if we win!!

Debbie said...

What a DANDY! Unfortunately I can't put my name in the drawing but I know some girl is going to score an awesome skirt!!! I’ll stay tuned to see who wins and hopefully we all get to see pics of the sweet gal that wins sporting her priceless new skirt!

Sarah said...

Hi Allana :) My daughter Christian would love the skirt. It's adorable. We'd really appreciate her name being added to the hat. I noticed that the skirt is a Candies and was wondering where you found it. I really think they make cute skirts, but I haven't found a store that carries them right now. Thanks!

Have a great day!