Friday, February 29, 2008

Prayer for Bri and her children!

Lots of you know Steve and Bri Morris. They operate Kids Kickin' 4 Christ. (KK4C) Steve is currently out of the country on a missions trip. I just got word that Bri took all three of her children to the doctor and they all three have influenza type A. Since I'm hardly ever sick, I don't know much about the flu, but apparently that is the worst of the worst of the flu's! She is also taking Christopher, the youngest boy, to get chest x-rays. He may have pneumonia. Please keep Bri in your prayers this weekend. I can't imagine being pregnant, having all my children sick at the same time, plus not having my hubby there to help!

This picture was taken almost a year ago at Nate's birthday party. The Morris family was all there and the two little boys here with Elijah are hers. They also have a sweet little girl.


Mary Ellen said...

Oh no - the poor thing! I hope she doesn't get it too.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! It's Cheryl from the CHMSL yahoo group.

PLEASE let your friends Steve and Bri Morris that they are in my prayers and if I can bring them a meal or some groceries....let me know.