Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to....

Me! This happens every year, rain or shine, whether I like it or not. (I do) I was born March 16th, 1972, exactly 30 days late, according to my mother. Apparently in those days, Docs didn't worry about a woman if she went past her due date. There's something about a good old fashioned country doctor. I guess they haven't ever seen a cow, horse or pig carry a baby forever, so why should a human? The baby has to come out sometime, right? Having babies late was just my mom's mode of operation. They say that a typical gestation period can vary a few weeks this way or that. My mother's body tended to carry on the longer side of things. Oh well, as far as I can tell, I'm perfectly normal! (Please don't tell me if you suspect otherwise. You'll burst my bubble.) So anyway, I had to work all weekend...a 50 and 1/2 hour shift. So I'm sitting on Jupiter Island while my "lady" sleeps. I'm outside on the patio by the river enjoying the breezes all by myself. My sister sends me a text message happy birthday. My mom and dad call to sing to me (rather off key, but it was sweet.) THEN, my hubby decided to call me, too. Ahem. At least he remembered, right? All day long I kept thinking about getting off work at 9pm and rushing home to see if Rebecca remembered that I wanted her to make me a homemade chocolate cake. Really, that's all I could think about all day! Well, she didn't let me down, the dearie! I walked in the house and was greeted with "happy birthday mom"! And little James calling out "Ommy, Ommy!"
Becca baked and decorated this by herself. I knew I could count on her! It was perfectly delicious! (Don't ask me how old I am, 'cause I'm not telling.)

Zack, who has been getting rowdy with the glue gun lately, decided to make me a birthday present. Here is his creation. I thought it was the best birthday present ever and I placed it on one of my shelves by a photo frame. It is solid rock!

Another year older, and hopefully another year wiser! And still LOTS of years left before I turn 40! :-)


Mary Ellen said...

Happy 36th Birthday - one day late. The cake was great, she did a good job and I love the rock heart!

Misty said...

Happy birthday!! Becca did a great job with the cake and the rock heart is sweet :-)

Permission to Mother said...

Happy Birthday!

Sarah said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like your family found ways to make it special even though you had to work :)


Livin' out loud said...

Happy birthday! Great post!