Monday, March 3, 2008

Crazy Cousins at the Park

On Saturday, we piled all the kids in the van and drove to a nearby park. Before they scattered to the four corners, we paused for a group photo. My crew is the 5 on the left. Aaron and Heather's two are in the middle (table top and seat) and Wes and Adela's are the four on the right. (2 on top and 2 on bottom) Notice Tuckor picking his nose? What a guy!

The favorite swing was this red one for handicapped children that Eli is lounging in.

Kailee striking a pose.

Kody hamming it up.

James, being a big boy and going down the slide all by himself, thank you very much!

Tuckor, ready to slide.

What's Nate dreaming about?

Taylor, Kailee and Rebecca.

Life's more fun upside down! (Taylor)

Flying high! Only Zack would think to crawl into these monkey bars like this. I'm just glad he didn't get stuck!


Sarah said...

It looks like a wonderful weekend :)


carla said...

Love the pictures of your kiddos!