Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I don't care what you call me, just call me!

When Laura and Jose Cancio were expecting their first biological child Jose was frequently asked at church if Laura had the baby yet. His humorous response was always "Baby doesn't call, baby doesn't write..." That is, until baby arrived! I have been getting a kick out of the way James addresses me. He used to call me Mom. Then, somehow, it morphed into Omp. That was my favorite and every time he said it, it made me laugh. Now, as of today, it is Ommy. On the other hand, Nathanael has always called his daddy "Rob". I guess that's because he hears me say it. If I tell him to say Daddy, he will, but on his own, it is always Rob.

As I was driving home from shopping for various Easter clothes that were needed, I got to thinking that I don't mind WHAT James calls me, as long as he does. I'm thankful that God feels the same way towards me. I can call him Abba, (daddy) Father, Savior, and my favorite, Friend. I imagine He must feel towards me the same as I feel about my children. I just love the fact that they want me. Need me. Call my name. When they are hurt, sad, happy, tired, or just want to show me that they love me. Yes, there are times when I have informed my children that my name is no longer "mommy" and I wasn't going to tell them what my new name is. Just to keep from hearing "Mommmmmm!" one more time. God never tires of us calling on Him. Whew! It's a good thing because I know if it were me, I would be sticking my fingers in my ears because I would be so tired of it all! Not God!

Gotta go, James is calling!


Mary Ellen said...

Great post there Omp! "-)

My 5 year old has hardly ever called me "Mommy" but just "Mom" b/c of hearing older siblings saying it. When he was first learning to talk he would often parrot my "RICK!" and make us all laugh.

I refer to myself as Mommy with Devin because I am hoping I can get my last one to say it for at least a little while.

I agree with you, though sometimes I get weary of hearing it, in other ways I'll never tire of it...

Misty said...

Thanks for the reminder about God. I must say that James is SUCH a cutie! :-)