Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beautiful West Virginia!

A couple months ago, I was talking on the phone with my Dad and he started telling me of he and Mom's plans to fly to West Virginia and visit with my brother, Austin, and his family. From there, they planned on driving 4 hours into Pennsylvania to visit with my grandparents and aunts and uncles. I told Dad that I sure wished I could go, too. I had a $200 voucher to fly with Continental and decided to see if I could get a ticket for really cheap and make the schedules correspond with my parents as they had already purchased their tickets. Long story short... my ticket cost me $48. I flew into the same airport in Pittsburg arriving one hour before my parents. My flight home left one hour earlier than Dad's. Rob cringed at the thought of almost 6 days alone with the kiddos, but gave me permission to go.

This was my first time seeing Austin, Jen and their children in almost 3 years and my first visit to West Virginia. It is the most beautiful state! We had a super time there! The weather was incredible. I actually felt cold most of the time and had to wear a sweater. Austin lives out in the country on a farm that the owner developed.

My mom and Benjamin checking out Mr. Pretzel's horse. (The Pretzel family owns the farm.)

Austin's house and shed from the back. I'm not sure why I didn't get a photo of the front of their house! Stupid me! They have a lovely home!

We took Ben out for several walks around the neighborhood while we were there. He is only 3 years old, but endured the walk better than some adults I know! The dandelions were prolific. Made for a beautiful walk! Ashlynn (Austin's daughter) and I made daisy chains with them.

By Monday, about half of the dandelions had turned to seed. So the yards were dotted with yellow and white. (not in this photo.) Awww! How perty!

My Dad and Mom chillin' on the back porch. Nobody wanted to stay inside. Much too beautiful!

Ashlynn was in school during the days, so I ended up not getting as many pictures of her as I should have. But here is Ben again. We walked to the top of a steep hill to see the view.

The view was incredible!

Looking over the Pretzel farm. Austin's house is the 5th one down on the row to the right.

The Pretzel farm. They have an area set up for rodeos, including a little red concession stand.

Relaxing at the top.

Pretzel's had two of these beautiful belgian horses in the fields. I took a lot of pictures of them for Rebecca to see.

I'm not sure why this lady had her eyes closed!

There were two birds nests that Mom and I were keeping watch on. By the time we left, all these Robin's eggs were hatched and all four of the chickadee eggs in the other nest were hatched.

This is the view from the federal prison where Austin works. You can see for miles! I don't think inmates in Florida have a view this nice!

Giving Ben and Mack a ride on the 4 wheeler. Mack did NOT want to get off to make room for Mom.

Mom and Jen had to lift him down. He wasn't very happy about loosing his seat!

Mom taking ice tea to dad while he tilled up Austin's garden area.

Benjamin and his Papa. I love this picture!

Stay tuned for more pictures!


A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

I love all of the beautiful pictures and the scenery. You did a very good job with the photo's. Glad you had a good trip. And the ticket for $48.00 WOW!! I have been hunting tickets and can't find them for less than $300.00. It's so expensive to travel. You were truly blessed to be able to get such a great discount. Your family really looks nice. And the little ones are cute. Very nice blog.

adelacampbell said...

How beautiful. I am so happy that you had the chance to go up there and spend time with the family. I love the pitures. Jen sent me some of the pictures that you took up on the look out and they look great. love love love the views!!! How hard was it for you to come back?
see ya soon. (giddy grin)

Mary Ellen said...

Gorgeous scenery. That looks so much like the area where most of my Mom's family lives in NY. I just love the views there, incredible. That's so great you got to go and spend time with your family, you look so relaxed!

Debbie said...

Oh what a wonderful trip! The views are just amazing and what a great way to relax with family.