Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Menagerie- an unusual and varied group of people.

I don't think we are that unusual, but here is a blog about a little this and a little that.

Rebecca was able to join up with a soccer team headed up by Mr. Marshall for kids from the academy. Hobe Sound Christian Academy is very nice about letting some of the local homeschoolers join in certain activities. They played twice a week after school. We live close enough that Rebecca rode her bike there and back some of the time. The last game was a couple weeks ago and it was a very hot day, but Rebecca's team won! Rebecca is wearing the blue vest with the number 2 on it. She's standing next to Mr. Marshall. She really enjoyed this event and hopes they have it again next year.

A rare picture of James falling asleep on the couch. He usually only naps in his crib. He looks like an angel! A little sweaty, but sweet. You have heard the little reading about growing old and living with your kids. All the things you will do to enact revenge on your grown up kids, like coloring on the walls, spitting out chewed up meat and gagging on your okra. Well, I would like to add another thing to that list. I'm going to eat lots of corn. We have had lots of corn on the cob lately, and boy o boy has the corn ever gone straight through James. Yup! One day I'll have my revenge! I have NO idea why there are lines under these words, but it's bugging me!

Rob, Nate and I posing with Rob's cake homemade by Rebecca.

Rebecca asked me if she could make the cake for her daddy's 40th birthday and I said OK. I really didn't know what she wanted to do, but I thought I would just let her have at it and see what she comes up with. The cake and icing are all homemade. The tombstone says over the hill, too old to count. The twinkie is a casket. There is a hole in front of the stone for the casket and the dug up "dirt" is piled up on the other side. Rob was highly amused by her concoction and so was I. :-)

I have always wondered two things. How do you scare little martians and how do martians wash their feet? Well, here is the answer.

They wash their feet in a washing machine, of course!

And to scare them, let them sit there until the washer starts agitating!

One last piece of useless Martian trivia; meet Stubbs, Zack's snake. Zack has been asking me and asking (aka begging) me to take a picture of the snake. So, I set the controls on my camera just so to get the best shot and really took my time trying to get a good picture of Stubbs. I thought this one turned out fairly good! (shiver) Zack has a 10 gallon terrarium set up with air plants and flowers. He takes good care of this little guy!


David & April said...

I'm sorry that your son got attacked today! How upsetting! I'm sure it will all work out in the end. The cake your daughter made was quite something! LOL! Hope everything is going well for you, with the exception of the problems at school. I'll be praying for ya!

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

I just ran across your blog again. I had lost track of it but I'm going to add it to my friends list so I don't lose it again. You have a beautiful family. I will be praying for Zach. I know this must be a hard decision on what to do with the other boy, but I pray it all works out. By the way, I love the snake picture and the lovely cakes. Take care.

Aaron & Heather said...

Wow,...I love the washing machine pic,...sooo cute. Very cute Martians :-)....That cake is perfect,...we need one for uncle Aaron this year,...Im throwing him a wake party, lol...Funniest thing is he tends to growl more when I mention the impending birthday,lol.

loree2000 said...

Shoo Whee! Sounds blessed and tiring....

You have a cute bunch of kidlettes! Hope you all have a great summer!