Friday, May 9, 2008

More West Virginia!

On Monday we all went up to Cooper's Rock. I can't remember the last time I have seen a view so striking. Jennifer told me this place has been used for weddings. I can see why! It's gorgeous! Here is all of us. Me, Mom, Jeremy, Austin with Ben, Jennifer with Ashlynn and Dad.

Austin and his crew down by a creek.

Dad being funny. After we were done taking their family pictures, we were standing down by the creek just waiting for everyone to catch up as we headed back to our vehicles. I was standing behind Ben and my Dad was in front of him facing me. I heard Jen's mom yelling "Papa, move your foot! Papa, move your FOOT!" Dad jumped back just in the nick of time. Ben had to "go" really bad and decided where he was standing was the perfect spot. Let me tell you, that boy went and went! Good thing Dad heard Erma's yell!

Me and my older Bro.

The view to the left.

All the guys.

Papa and Ben.

As soon as we were finished taking pictures, Jennifer took Jeremy to the hospital for x-rays. We thought he had broken his hand at school. Turns out it was sprained in the same spot he had broken it last year. Because Jen was gone we went in to town and ate at Arby's. Here is Ashlynn enjoying her chicken. I wish I had gotten more pictures of her! She is quite the lovely niece. I could have brought her and Ben home with me. Love 'em!

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