Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wake-You-Up Sunday Roast

Sunday afternoons are for napping, right? In our house, there is almost always somebody taking their weekly Nazarene Nap. I drink a cup of coffee before church to stay awake, but after lunch....there's nothing sweeter than a Sunday snooze. Coffee is for the mornings, but this recipe calls for coffee in the roast! You heard me right! When I heard of this recipe from a friend, I had to try it. "Rich, dark gravy" is how she described it to me and I was hooked.

Here's how:
Sear the roast in a skillet

Because I have two young ones and a couple older picky eaters, I process a whole onion and a few mushrooms in my food processor and cook it for a few minutes in olive oil (or butter) until translucent.

Here's the "wake-you-up" part. Add a cup of coffee to the roast in the crock-pot! (I did about 4 cups the first time I made it, but found it to be too bitter. Next time I'll do 1 cup.)

Season with this.

Put it all together in your crock-pot and simmer on low until done. I did mine overnight.

Remove roast from gravy. Shred and remove fat. Thicken gravy with cornstarch and return meat to gravy. Serve over rice or potatoes! (brown rice shown here)

Really, really yummy! The coffee in it wasn't enough to keep me from missing my Nazarene Nap, either. ;-)


Misty said...

I may just try this tomorrow =)

Anonymous said...

You have to make it for us when we come over. yea! love mom