Friday, September 11, 2009

Delayed or Genius? You decide!

Earlier this summer, my husband had the privilege of taking all 5 kids to their pediatrician in one day. Without me. (why do I have the urge to cackle at the thought?) Actually, he deserves a standing ovation. The children arrived showered, well dressed and with shiny brushed teeth and hair. Oh, and they were well fed, too. I couldn't have done it better myself. While he was still busy filling out forms for each of them (did I mention this was a NEW pediatrician?) the patient technician went ahead and took Nate and James on in the back to meet with the doctor. Becca went with them. No biggie. Until this tech took it upon herself to "test" my two youngest boy's skills. You know, do they know their numbers? (no, but she didn't bother to check if they knew their ABC's. Which they mostly do.) Do they know how to draw a square? (No, but Nate repeatedly asked if he could please draw a car for her. She said no.) Then she had the nerve to inform Becca that she thought the boys might be delayed based on her "evaluation" and was going to inform their daddy that he might want to get them tested.

So, here's the test. Readers, YOU are the experts. My 4 year old son refused to draw a square for this crazy person, but he can churn out these drawings of cars by the dozen if you are sweet enough to only ask. I ask you: does he have fine motor skill delays?

All I want for Christmas is the chance to meet this lady myself and give her a quiz of my own. "Hey kids! Anybody feeling sick? Mommy will take you to see the doctor!"


Laurie said...

I hate it when people get so rapped up in their job they miss the obvious. I would have asked him to draw the car! AND, they shouldn't have informed Becca of what they thought....Nothing wrong with your boy! Also, they weren't in preschool, why would they know their numbers? That is taught in kindergarten. I was always resentful of people who sent their kids to preschool and then bragging on how much better they did than mine (I didn't want to send them to pre-school, school comes early enough). I hope she didn't tell him she thought he was delayed.

Tracy said...

Um ... Kindergarten teacher here. Seems fine to me. I bet he could draw a pick up truck with boxes in it ... that would be a square. People.

Jennifer McGregor said...

:) we don't want to hear my opinion. Been there done that. or should i say, "BEN there, done that"?? hahahahaha! Darling boys!

Anonymous said...

Tell your Dr. she does NOT want me to come over there after her.
Where is the womans brains? Oh I know she DID NOT go to school on the big yellow bus it was the wee little one. lol
Come on those boys are smarter than her. love MOM

Mary Ellen said...

At Kaitlyn's 3 year check up her language skills weren't so great, the doctor was SO SURE I needed to get her into speech therapy, I knew she ws the next check up as Kaitlyn happily (and clearly) talked the doctor's ear off I reminded her of the previous year's visit and she asked if we did the therapy...I happily said no....she was surprised - and I hope she learned something. Kids age differently, you can't tell by asking 3 questions where they are. Yes, if they aren't walking by 18 months then something is probably wrong - but if they can't draw a square but they can draw a truck...well then obviously he has great fine motor skills. Sounds like he was using his brain more than she was!