Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School Fun

A couple weeks ago, I excitedly brought out the preschool items I had assembled for Nate and James and announced "Hey guys, you wanna get started on school work?" I heard a rather decided "nope!" followed by another "nope!" (Not sure who went first.) Great, I thought. I must be saying something wrong. The proverbial light bulb lit up over my head and I waited a few minutes before saying, "Hey guys, you wanna get started on school FUN?" Eyes lit up! Score another win for the art of persuasion! It took them a little while to warm up to the routine, but they are really into it now.

This is the book we are using to learn Bible stories, songs, rhymes, ABC's, 123's and art. (and more!) It takes us between 15-30 minutes a day, depending on what activities we have planned. They really like doing the art, so that can stretch the time a bit more. As long as they are interested, we keep going!

This is the Bible that the curriculum recommends using. It begins at the "Beginning", of course. A story a day with comprehension questions built right in. It's amazing how much their little minds absorb!

Here is a peek into the main activities for today. To go with the part of Noah's story of the rainbow: tear up bits of colored paper and glue on black paper. I was getting a kick out of how each of them went at it their own way. True to personality, James GLOBBED on the paper bits, in a hurry to get it done. Nate carefully placed each piece.

In the end they both finished at the same time! So much for hurrying!

Neat, careful rows!

Really getting "into" it! Love the bandaids. Previous injury, not inflicted by tearing up bits of paper.

The letter for this week is B. Guess what week we are on! Using masking tape, we taped out a capital "B" and they placed blocks on it.

~Hooray for school FUN~


Misty said...

FUN!! =) Kathryn was sitting here saying "I want to see boys!" Glad they are enjoying it. It amazes me how much they can learn in a little bit of time. I have had the thought before...."oh, I don't have the time to work with them on ____" but Heart of Dakota being such bite sized pieces we don't spend an hour on each subject and things keep moving along!

Jennifer McGregor said...

awesome! I have 2 kids you can homeschool, too:)

Anonymous said...

Love James pic his looks warm and fuzzy. Like his Christmas gift for this year. YEA
Nate is one of those who believe everything has a place to be and should be there. Love him a bushel and a peck. BOTH of them. love mom