Thursday, September 10, 2009

Return of the blogger

My dear Mother kindly pointed out that since her computer won't run Face Book without crashing, the only way she can keep up with my family affairs, is to call me on the phone read my blog. The problem? I haven't been blogging! How did I turn my back on my on-line diary, get lost in the world of FB, and how do I return? Well, making the decision to quit wean myself off FB wasn't an easy one. What about all the long lost cousins? Old school mates? Won't I miss connecting with them? Well, I did modify "quit" to "wean". So, we'll see. But, I do know this: my children need me much more than I need to know whom is lunching with whom, who just took a nap, who is cheering for what team and who just got home from work! So, since there is not enough time in my day to include all the social highways and byways of the internet, I'll have to choose. Can I get a rousing "Welcome Back!"?

Where to begin? How about with one of my favorite photos from the last couple months: Rob's official First Day of School photo! Here he is surrounded by (almost) all his loving children who got up at an ungodly hour to tell him goodbye and good luck! Rob enrolled in PBCC this year and is going through the Machining Technology course. He has classes 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. It has been an adjustment for us all. But don't worry, the panic-induced pain in my chest is almost gone. Almost. I have worries. I pray. For him, for me, for the kids, for my job to continue at least until Rob is finished with school. (13 loooong months down the road) Here is an interesting observation I have made: Is your life flying by in a blur? Enroll your spouse in a full-time course at your local college. Time will come to a screeching halt! I'm not sure why. But, I don't like days that drag. At this point, I'm all about speeding up, but that's apparently NOT an option. But, back to Rob. :-) He loves school. School loves him.

(Mom, I know, I know! You already heard THIS story! But you haven't seen this sweet "lets-get-up-early-and-support-daddy" photo, now have you?!)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the story and the picture and WELCOME BACK !!!!
Thank you very much. LOVE MOM

Anonymous said...

Allana, you do a very creative job of straddling the blog/FB which I love. FB is good for Christmas card length notes between Christmases but its two-sentence, shortcut-spelling style sure doesn't do justice to your writing skills, or to your insights on life as a busy mom. Hope you find a way to keep up on both!

Laura (Harris) Q.