Monday, September 14, 2009

Messin' with the Martians

Mary Ellen Huff put this little clip of various moms and their kids together with a song "I'm a Mom". The singers are Joyce Martin McCollough, Karen Peck and Sheri Easter and the words are great! You'll find (thanks to Mary's great sense of humor) our family picture is put along with the words "people ask what planet I'm from". I realize that there are WAY worse last names to have than Martian, and when I read some of them I thank God that I don't have THAT one! The most unusual thing that has ever happened to me concerning my (apparently hilarious) last name took place one afternoon at Walmart. I signed the check and handed it to the male clerk. (why am I not surprised that a GUY did this to me?) He noticed right away that my last name was Martian. He literally tipped his head back and started laughing his head off and said "You MARRIED a MARTIAN!!!" Oh yeah. That was funny.


Mary Ellen said...

That is a hilarious story Allana, I hope you leaned forward, gave him your sternest look and said "That's MRS. MAR-TAIN to you!"

Ok, so I wouldn't do that either, I would have just laughed along with him. '-) Great story!

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be the mother of a Martian!! love mom