Tuesday, April 22, 2008

# 1 is True

I do not swim like a fish in water! I tell my kids all the time to be very careful in the water because I don't know if I could save them if they got into trouble. I grew up swimming in creeks in Pennsylvania and never learned how to swim under water without holding my nose. Once we moved to Florida, I tried and tried to dive like normal people but would always come up spitting and sputtering. I love to swim and jump into the water, but I could never be a life guard. My father in law used to own a 20 ft. Shamrock that Rob and I would take out quite often during the summer before we had kids. It was a very ocean worthy craft. We got the bright idea to head off shore and drop anchor. I guess we anchored in the gulf stream, or something, because there was a very strong currant running past the boat. We jumped off the front of the boat and swam around to the back to get back on. Well, I missed the back of the boat and swam like crazy towards the boat but the currant was taking me further and further away. I was hollering and Rob was hollering and at the last minute he grabbed a fish net on a 6 foot pole and leaned way out over the boat and held it out to me to grab. I could just barely reach it. He hauled me in and I sat until I caught my breath. It really scared me and we decided we had had enough of the ocean. Rob went to pull the anchor up and it wouldn't budge. In order to get the anchor up, he had to start the inboard engine and had the boat pull it up. All this took a couple minutes. If I hadn't been able to grab that pole at the last minute, I feel pretty certain that I may have drowned. Who knows, though! Maybe survival adrenalin would have kicked in and I would have been ok. Not ever taking that chance again, though!

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