Thursday, April 17, 2008

Taking the Yot out for a spin

Taking all five of our children to the ocean requires at least two adults, 6 or more arms, 5 sets of watchful eyes and flotation devices for the little ones, all just so we don't have drowning tots. While Nathanael values his life and will keep a (barely) safe distance from the pounding surf, James knows no fear and will gladly end his life for the thrill of the wave. Therefore, we don't go as often as the older kids would like.

Luckily, we have lots of rivers in Florida, too. It has been hard to find a clean stink-free spot, though. Well, our worries are over! We found the perfect spot for our family! (Thanks, Mary!) All the kids were happily entertained with plenty to do and James was unable to drown himself. Actually, with the little floaties on his arms, he could float quite well. I didn't get a picture of it, but as we were packing up to leave, James was floating on his belly with the arm rings keeping one end of him up and his blubberous bottom keeping the other end afloat. It was adorable to watch!

Here is Nathanael playing with his Yot.

I'm not sure why the baby is pulling the tot, but they were both happy, so who cares? I'm also not sure why James' hair stands straight up all the time, but, again, he's happy, so who cares?

Big sissy showing James how to play with his toys that Ms. Mary Ann bought for him. (Two other moms and their children joined us but I didn't get any photos of them.)

After a few hours, Nate was more than ready to go home for a nap.

Elijah showing off his new-found skin boarding skills.

The kids are eager to go back, and since I can actually relax a little while they play, I can't wait, either! Zack was in school, so he is also VERY eager to go!

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adela campbell said...

can't wait to come over and play with the kiddies in the water! Looks like so much fun.