Wednesday, April 23, 2008

# 2 is True

I used to ride the bus on Sunday mornings with Mr. and Mrs. Shamber to pick up kids for bus ministry at Hobe Sound Bible Church. I'm not sure what got into Mr. Shamber's craw, but after we dropped off the last child in Poinciana Gardens, he asked me if I wanted to drive the bus! What 15 year old would turn down a request like that? I sure wasn't going to pass up the opportunity! It was an old, manual shift bus and I had a few doubts about being able to shift correctly, but Lester insisted that it was easy and I could do it. I drove it from Poinciana back to the church parking lot. Mrs. Shamber was fit to be tied. She thought we would all get in trouble if we were pulled over by the police and truthfully, we probably would have even though I had my learners permit! I didn't have any problems shifting, to my surprise and we pulled it off without a hitch! Now I forever have bragging rights!


JenLo said...

You gonna let your kids try that when they are that age ?! Hee hee

Allana Martian said...

over my dead body! :-)