Monday, April 14, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

I have a very urgent prayer request for a dear friend of mine, Sharon Jackson. I have known and loved Sharon for 6 years. She is quite simply, a Godly, beautiful woman, inside and out! She and her husband have 8 children. Sharon was my doula for the birth of James and James was born on her youngest babies (plural- they are twins) first birthday. I have pictures of James and the twins together, but can't find them, of course! Anyway, 4 weeks ago, they had their 8th child, Coby. He was having breathing problems and was taken to a hospital in Jensen Beach. While there, they discovered that he had an aneurysm. He was flown to St. Mary's and is on a ventilator. Here are the specific prayer requests from Sharon and her husband Duane. (Some of you may have seen them or some of their children at Kid's Kickin'.)

Duane and Sharon took Coby to Lawnwood Hospital Saturday with a
fever. He was life flighted to St. Mary's Hospital in WPB. He had
an anuerysm and is on a ventilator at this time. Here are her prayer

1. That the specialist coming today will be able to insert an IV to
get Coby the medication he needs to remove the pressure on his brain

2. For Duane and Sharon as they are with him, and the rest of their
family - Myesha, Chris, Danielle, Stephanie, Rachel, Sean and David
who are staying at home with different friends.

3. Wisdom for Duane and Sharon as various test results come back and
they are facing numerous decisions

I will be speaking with Sharon later this morning and will post an
update and other requests as soon as possible.

Update #2

1. Healing for Coby

2. God's guidance for Duane and Sharon at they seek to hear and
understand how He would have them proceed.

3. They will be talking to Chris and Danielle (two of their oldest children) this afternoon, before
they head back to the hospital, to explain more details about Coby's
situation. Pray for each of them as they deal with this
information. Sharon also asked for each of the children, that they
would not lose faith in God in the difficulty of what they are going

4. The second brain function test is scheduled for between 7 and 8
tomorrow morning. If anyone would be willing to join them in fasting
and praying, they would again appreciate it.

Even if you don't know this family, please join me in saying a prayer for them!

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Debbie said...

I'm so sorry and I will be keeping that dear family and precious little baby in my prayers.

Before I responded, I sat here in prayer and the thought came to me of how much my heart aching for them and I don't know the family. Then a greater thought came and when I think about how much more our Heavenly Father loves and cares for each of us. God's amazing love is so hard for me to fathom and may they find strength and comfort in the Father's arms.