Thursday, April 24, 2008

# 3 is True

This is the most scary, bazaar thing that has ever happened to me. Thankfully, it ended well. Years ago, BC, (before children) I went with a friend and her 16 yo son, Jason, to Stuart to take his driver's test to get his license. He didn't do very well at all (even though he could drive perfectly well and was just very nervous) and they could have made him come back and take it over, but in the end they decided to go ahead and pass him. Understandably, Jason wasn't in a super-great mood. He thought he would do very well, and barely made it. Anyway, he was a ball of nerves. We were on our way home, in my vehicle, a Volvo station wagon. Jason was driving, with me in the front and his mom in the back. I don't even know how it happened, but something Jason did in traffic really upset another driver. The driver was very young and had about 3 other young kids in the bronco with him. Well, we stopped at a red light at US 1 and Cove and the bronco ended up directly in front of us. Because they were mad at whatever it was that Jason had done, they whipped pennies out their window onto our windshield. I looked up, sort of shocked and what I saw made my blood run cold! The boys in the back of the bronco were loading shot guns! I completely froze! I truly thought it was over. I didn't even have the forethought to duck my head or anything. Jason's mom and I were yelling at Jason to not drive when the light turned green, but to let the car (hopefully) drive away from us. The bronco kept driving and we pulled off into the plaza to use the pay phone and call the police. The police called back an hour or so later and informed us that they arrested all the boys that were in the vehicle, face down, in a ditch full of mud. They had pulled them over and the boys all tried to run off with the guns. I have NO idea what they were thinking of doing with those guns, but it scared me half to death! Apparently, they had all just been before the judge for another crime and were given the choice to either have a jail sentence or to join the military. They had opted for the military and were a day or so from official enlistment. They ended up back in jail. Thank the good Lord!

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